Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Form7 and 9

Form 7
Notice to Produce Documents
(O. 11, R. 16)

Take notice that the )plaintiff or defendant) requires you to produce for his
inspection the following documents referred to in your (plaint or written
statement or affidavit, dated the of ....20...)
(Describe documents required)

X,Y, pleader for the.....
To, Z, pleader for the....
Form No. 9
Notice to Admit Documents
(O. 12, R 3)
Title as in No. 1, supra)
Take notice that the plaintiff (or defendant) in this suit proposes to adduce in
evidence the several documents hereunder specified, and that the same may be
inspected by the defendant (or plaintiff), his pleader or agent at...on....
between the hours of ...; and the defendant (or plaintiff) is hereby required,
within forty-eight hours from the last-mentioned hour, to admit that such of the
said documents as are specified to be originals were respectively written,
signed or executed, as they purport respectively to have been, that such as are
specified as copies are true copies; and such documents as are stated to have
been served, sent or delivered were so served, sent or delivered, respectively,
saving all just exceptions to be admissibility of all such documents as evidence
in this suit.

pleader (or agent) for plaintiff (or defendant)

To EF, pleader (or agent) for defendant (or plaintiff)
(Here describe the documents and specify as to each document whether it is
original or a copy)


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