Friday, October 19, 2007

advices to 498Aians

>Hello every body,
>The following are my advices to the people who
>suffered and who are about to suffer the agony
>of these inhuman laws.
>1. In every 498A cases write an application to
>the I.O and S.P of the area for free and
>impartial investigation and mention every
>defence in it. Write about every thing which
>can be useful for you. Give evidences. For
>example your family photographs in which the
>female is standing happily, bills of the things
>taken for her while she was with you. Request
>them to take statements of independent
>witnesses who were around during her stay with
>you or at the time of marraige.This will give
>you a defence at the time of trial and will
>certainly disturb investigation. This is your
>right to have free and impartial investigation.
>2. Write an application to concerning income
>tax officer regarding their allegations of
>dowry. write him to investigate their income.
>Seek certified copies of their income tax
>returns under R.T.I act. This can be used to
>harass them and to prove that they never gave
>the dowry as mentioned by them in the
>3. File a case under section 3 of the dowry
>prohibition act and section 499 I.P.C
>[Defamation] against all of them for giving
>dowry and defaming you and your family. As
>these cases can be filed through a complaint
>directly to magistrate and at the time of
>taking cognizance only prima facia case is to
>seen and once if cognizance is taken they will
>be harassed and chances are bright that you
>will be left free.
>4. File a divorce or restitution case against
>her as the circumstances warrants. This will
>force her to be involved in cases.
>5. Try to look happy during all these
>proceedings, never give any idea that you are
>disturbed due to it. To me, all these
>proceedings have more mental pressure then any
>thing else. Pretend that nothing wrong has
>happened to you.
>6. Try every legal recourse, File Anti.bail
>file 482 for transfer of the case or for
>quashing of F.I.R.
>7. Write an application to concerning S.H.O
>that your in-laws are giving threats to you.
>And you apprehend danger to life.
>8. Never pay any thing to them.
>9.Write some complaints against them wherever
>they are employed or to there concering
>I hope above things can help you to contest
>aganist the evil of these inhuman laws.I ll try
>to post many other things soon.

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